Revenue monetization policy :

I. Create a valid account

1. Upload your own profile picture. Don't put pictures of other people or other photos.
2. Enter legal name
3. Confirm the account with your passport or ID card and your own photo Or Verification .
4. Enter the correct address

II. The right to refer a friend Join us
When you are a real member (Not a fake member), you can refer a friend to join us and you will receive support from us in your own position. Which is as follows:

- Free membership is supported by us up to $ 6 USD
- Star membership is supported by us up to $15 USD
- Silver Star membership is supported by us up to $ 25 USD
- Gold Star membership is supported by us up to $ 35 USD
- Bronze Star membership is supported by us up to $ 55 USD

In addition, when your members Upgrade Pro with cash, you will receive 30% cash.

Note: Receive referral fees is 0.02 / person
Prohibited: Do not apply to be a fake member for personal gain. If violating your account are permanently blocked and you are unable to create another account.

III. How to get points

You can get points when you post your own images. (With your own face and Image size must not exceed 1, 2MB) such as:

- Get 5 points from your new post.
- Get 5 points for creating new blogs or articles. But it must be credible, true, meaningful and a lesson for readers and must be at least 200 words or more, if the article is yours, fake the copyright of another user, the score will be deleted, the more in addition, your account may be blocked.

- Up to 6 posts / hour, up to 40 posts / day (Except promotion period : promotion 3 post/h, 1post get 25 point) , including posts that are graded and not scored.

IV. Calculation of points and payments

When your account has 100,000 points or the equivalent of $ 100 USD (1,000 points = $ 1), you can request to withdraw when your balance reaches our goal. When we receive a withdrawal request, the team will review your score in accordance with our monetization policy. If your rating meets our monetization policy the team will make your payment via Paypal and Bank on days 10-20 of month. If found that have points Invalid or deceptive assumes incorrect according our monetization policy. your withdrawal will be denied

- Fees depend on Paypal and Bank
- Do not request to withdraw before your payment address is incomplete or incorrect.

V. Community standards
Every day, people use Xalaba to share their experiences. Connect with friends and family. Including creating hundred thousand of communities and making sure the content that people see in Xalaba is accurate and environmentally friendly. That's why we want Xalaba users to understand and not post the following:

- Do not post pictures or videos of other people.
- Do not post anything illegal.
- Do not post obscene or pornographic images and adult sexual activities and promotions.
- Do not post violent and unclear content.
- Do not post pictures promoting sex
- hate speech
- Don't post a single image multiple times.

Last updated on: SEP 29, 2019